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Welcome To Cosmic Freakout!

Bringing you the best of the weirdest and freakiest art & comics this side of the Multiverse!

Cosmic Freakout is the weird brainchild of English comic artist and illustrator Andrew Pawley. Andrew's main problem is that he has never grown up. He is in constant awe of the wonders of existence but still finds farts funny.

Digging deep into his subconscious mind ( a very messy endeavour) Andrew loves to create stories of daft monsters and intergalactic super heroes. However, beyond the silly humour and the cosmic hi-jinx lies an undercurrent of positivity and trans-dimensional love!

Cthulhu Kids is the latest comic to be added to the Cosmic Freakout Stable and can now be picked up to share with the little cultist in your life! Draw by Andrew and written by Peter Duncan of Splank! comics it promises to be a very exciting series!


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