Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!
Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!
Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!
Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!
Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!

Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!

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Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed is Book One in my new epic saga The Emperor In The Void.

Imagine the whole of reality is encapsulated inside the head of a baby no bigger than a Higgs Boson particle and that every particle inside the baby also houses and infinite amount of Higgs Boson Babies. That’s the starting premise of Captain Yeah! & the Multiverse Revealed

 Book One of the ‘Emperor The Void’ saga starts with Captain Yeah! meeting a strange and enigmatic figure who claims to be an exiled ruler from an other dimension. Captain Yeah! is quickly thrust into a trans dimensional game of politics between his two children, with a scarily huge space golem made from collapsing star systems thrown into the mix. 

The biggest problem for the Captain starts early on when he finds out his powers won’t work in this new reality! Yikes!

Who Are The GalaXafreaks?

"Inside a Higgs Boson particle lives a freak. It has been asleep since the dawn of existence. at outer peace within itself, it is held together with love.

Whilst it rests and snoozes vast and cosmic happenings pass within its sub-atomic brain. Yes! This space faced creature is home to a whole cosmic universe with in it's particle noggin! Galaxies are born and die within the blink of a human eye...

So let's melt away and reform inside this cosmic arena and see what's up! For inside this tiny dude whole epic adventures await the brave!

Dreams come and go, reality is in flux and anything is possible. c'mon, come with and join The GalaXafreaks!"

What people say about GalaXafreaks

"I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a book. It was weird, it was silly, it was funny, and I read the whole thing in a David Bowie voice which made it even better! It was as if Andrew reached into my brain and made a book for me.  If you like weird, man, this is the book for you."- Russell Nohelty, Author of Pixie Dust

“Like Robert Crumb and Jim Starlin working on the Beano with a colourist recovering from some long strange trip he took in the sixties.”

-Splank comics blog

“Pawley’s art style makes him stand out among today’s artists. No one else blends the bizarre with the unconventional with the colorful to create such a fun, cool comic.”

-A Place To Hang Your Cape

"The GalaXafreaks experience is the Woodstock of comics"

- Comic Unknown